Monday, December 19, 2005

King Kong - A Love story ;))

Some time back , I saw a movie hmmm .. if I remember correctly, it was called "Dragon Heart" . I remember , we jested about it for over a week about how ridiculous the plot was: a dragon giving away half of his heart to some one else! But the story of King Kong is not something to be mocked at; Indeed, such an awesome picturization and plot full of breathtaking stunts and graphics can commonly be seen in hollywood movies, but making an immortal love story is an entirely different art altogether. The mighty King Kong ,the hero of our movie acted in many ways like our typical bollywood heroes and still the story appealed to me - a miracle indeed.

The movie, to say the least, was very vivid, not just in its portrayal of gigantic beasts such as the dinosaurs, but also of poisonous slimy insects whose mere sight would make you nauseatic - leave alone their size. Even the cockroach needs a bullet to be shot down !!! The plot unfolds with a passionately crazy movie maker(Jack Black) wanting to make a one of a kind movie. He stumbles upon a map of an uncharted island and instinctively decides to shoot his movie on its mysterious shores. With a half written script and police behind his back, he starts sailing immediately to the "Skull" island with his film crew, who are under the impression that their voyage is to Singapore. Ann ( Naomi Watts ) is an underpaid blonde actress who is chosen as the heroine. As destiny would have it, she is the only girl in the vessel. After a series of foreboding events,circumstances force them to land on skull island against the wishes of the ship's crew. They are taken aback when they find the island inhabited by negroid natives who have been untouched by civilization for several millenia. The natives attack the crew and capture Ann. Ann is offerred as sacrifise to appease a 25 foot tall giant gorilla called Kong. Kong, who feeds on the flesh of local tribal women, finds the blonde and fair-skinned Ann amusing and the story takes an unexpected turn.
Now ,starts the gymnastics . The size of Ann is atleast 100 times smaller than that of King and when this huge ape starts swinging his hands with Ann in his palm , it appeared as if some body is working out in the gym with dumbles :)))
The Kong was jumping around in the island - jungle through out the movie , crossing all the sky touching mountains in two or three leaps . The girl was smart , tried running away from a beast but unfortuantely to more dengerous beasts .In the quest of finding the lost Ann and the ape , the rest of the people enterd an abyssmal zone of danger . Hence, opens up the pandora's box .. every second a new creature was appearing with varied shapes and sizes . I would say dinasours were the best looking creatures rest were apt enough to wake u up for the rest of the night , once they come in your dreams ...
survival of fittest was an attitude of such mammoths , how can a man stay alive in such an enviorenment . Ann , runs away from the King and has to face tougher animals , who were desperate for her life . To her surprise , KK comes and saves her from everybody . This witty girl managed to impress KK with her acts and the ape was in love .

The way the movie is directed was awesome .. Those who like surprises in life ; this island would be a best choice for them for honeymoon . Hope they will be able to sleep for atleast one night together . rest will definitely be with some crazy looking animals, until u r alive . Director , Peter Jackson , has done everything in astonishing , amazing and marvellous manner . The role of the crazy movie maker is awesome . He is portrayed as a self -cenetered person . Still , shooting for the movies when ten's of man-eating mammals standing infront of him .. Daring !!Rather , i would call this as passion . A passion for doing something in life . Similar passion I saw in Kong for saving Ann every moment when he was with her . Finally , this ape was brought to the city of New York . Even in his last times when he is imbrued with the continuous firing , not caring about any thing , is still concern about safety of Ann .


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