Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The SEVEN Things

Inspired by Rocky's blog .. I am also doing this exercise . Its useful .. I feel by doing this , you atleast get clear about your short term and long term goals .

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die…

1. Do something so that atleast few thousand people remember me in a good way.
2. Own a business , may be big or of medium scale .. but my own , which has capacity of redifining the indutry ... not just any other business .
2. Own a Porsche .. no mercedez please .. in Bangalore half of the rahees own it .. so no more a big deal .
3. Want to Race in F1 , might not win .. but still want to do .Want to feel like how Shumacher feels ;))
4. Go for a Pram night ;))
5. Want to be a very good orator , writer and reader.
6. Kick the a** of all those people who have acted smart with me in any moment of my life ...
7. Can spend max time with my mom :)

7 This I Can Do…

1. Chat a lot .. and that too nowdays I am uncontrollable.
2. Can give lot of affection and love .
3. Freak out a lot .. You can see my name BangaloreFreak :))
4. Manage some of things well . if not every thing .
5. I can work hard in the moments .
6. Dream like sheikh chilli .. .. Abhinav , I am also there with you ;))
7. Say anything without hesitation . You can call me a blunt at times .

7 Things That attract Me To The Opposite Sex…

1. Simplicity . Hanky panky girls are only good to see .
2. smart ,quick and witty .
3. dimples .. [ like preety zinta's]
4. Straight , long and simple hairs .
5. Childish .. those who can be loved and can be taken care off.
6. Ever smiling face :)
7. Those who can speak a lot and laugh a lot .

4 Things I Say Most…

1. Oye,
2. Its OK!!!
3. Abey ,
4. f**k off

7 Celebrity Crushes…

1. Sonali Bendre [ for the longest time ]
2. Catherine Zetajones
3. Sri Devi [ My 1st crush ]
4. Gracy Singh
5. Anupama .. [ hmmm .. Some people look like her ;))]
6. Madhuri .. only for few days
7. Naina lal Kidwai .. [ As a business lady ]

7*2 People I Want To Take This Quiz

1. Vidit bansal .. just wondering what will he write in crush list
2. PJ .. must
3. Abhinav ... shayad woh aur badi udan bharega ;))
4. AC .. humare aur aapki choice to yun bhi kaafi milti julti hai ;))
5. kunal .. he will have only one ambition ... I know that :))
6. Parry ... he will get one more topic to blog
7. Dixit ... Thoda kam sochega iske baad
8. Kunal jain ... bas inki wish list mein bhi ek he cheez hogi LB ( lehman Brothers )
9. Paridhi M ... iski wish list mein Pilot ban na zarur hoga ;))
10. PC .. please not any more crushes
11. Vipul ... Aditya gets mature . a wish ..
12. Maddy ... iski wish list mein yehi hoga .. dusron ke bhed kaise kholun .. saale ..
13. Poppy .. wish list contains only one thing .. the D thing
14. khare .. meri jal gayi ;))

many more people .. will extend the list soon


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Blogger Rakesh said...

who is anupama ??

9:33 PM  
Blogger Adi said...

@ Rocky : That's an old story as old as the dust in my 8th standard books . :))

11:33 PM  
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