Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Socialist face of a Capitalist

Privatization has played a major role in the tenure of past two governments . Since ,Vajpayee's premiership , right from Hotel's owned by government , worth mearly a crore to the juggernauts like ONGC , BHEL , NTPC worth billions of rupees each has been part of this new agenda of privatization . Yes , it definitely makes sense to make things better . From the state of sarakari and non - performing ,its good to see them turning to the state of very well performing and much more organized than earlier . Specially the selling of the non -performing hotels like Ashok , etc . has been one of the best results. Boom in the sensex , if not fully then atleast a part of it can be attributed to some blue chips of India like ONGC , NTPC and BHEL . The boom from 4000 to 5000sensex points was very much carried by these Indian giants and not by the FDIs . But the question is "how far can this privatization be done ?" . I can not see the parliament being privatized as the people getting over there are not able to make right decissions or are unable to perform .Similarly, it can be said for most of the Courts ,where the right jurisdiction is not done in most of the cases. Does all these things means that we should give them in the hand of private bodies? I do not agree to that atall ... Though , the conditions won't become that seviour atleast for 50 years from now, if not more . But even the privatization of Airports and Railways can not be digested. If this goes on the days are not far when the movers and shakers of Indian economy will own all the roads, water , etc and you will have to pay heavy toll-taxes for every movement you make out of your home . Definitely , no body will tolerate to see an Airport to be renamed as "Ambani's parking place for its Air Crafts" or "Manikchand's place for its exclusive cars" . I might be very strong while commenting on the issue but the crux is that there has to be a limit.


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