Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life of a Bean

Hi , my name is Mr. Bean . People also call me "fali" with love . My birth took place about a week before in a place called faliabad near dilli .From , then I have been enjoying my life under wide open blue sky. With the wind continously blowing , I always wish to fly with it . But , I can't move as my legs are stuck with my father . His name is Mr. Ped . He only takes care of me ,by providing food , water ,etc . But I have my own ambitions in life . I want to become a famous bean in our world . One who is the greenest , biggest and most nutritious . There is one competition called Mr. Bean Universe ... i always wanted to win that competition . But, what can I do these cruel human's do not allow us to live . Yesterday evening, a beautiful girl came near me and started looking at me . I couldn't stop blushing .One second she used to look at me .. the next second I used to see her .. and this continued for about 5 minutes .I thought my first love story in life has begun . My heart had never beaten so fast before,my face was never so full of excitements before , my eyes couldn't stop staring her . I just wanted to touch her once .But the only problem was that what people will say ?A bean in love with a girl , can't be the idea which that can ever digest .Weather became pleasant and wind started blowing and suddenlya song started " Pyaar , kiya to darna kya ".And I also thought .. jab miya biwi raazi to kya karega kaji . She came closer and cloaser and my heart started beating faster and faster . She touched me and plucked me and took me to her home ..I was ready to become a ghar jawaifor her . Just imagining her after marriage ... she will be called as "Mrs. Bean".But who knew that girl will betray me like this . Now , I am also kept along with otherbeans to get cut and fried in a pan along with some papi masala's which will definitelykill me . This brutal girl has played with me . Please come and save me ...


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