Monday, December 26, 2005


After a long time , I went home . It was worth an experience this time .. travelling 1000 kms one way . Every home trip is special but this was even more distinct as I travelled by all the 3 means of transportaion : Plane , Volvo( bus) and train .
When you are the guest of utmost importance .You start feeling the pleasure of heaven .Everybody around you just take your name for the whole day .. suddenly you start feeling that you are one of the most important people on this land . Your breakfast , lunch ,dinner and all the between day munch time goodies are the ones that you have been fancying to eat from past 6 months :)) . Though , you have put on since the time you visited ur home last time . Still , people are concerned about your health and just uttering the same sentence for the wholeday " Adit, you have really slimmed down .. why don't you eat ??" and the next second you will hearanother voice shouting "Don't worry I will bring halwa for adit". I want to ask you one question, " is there any thing else which HEAVEN offers ?" I don't think !!!

Two days passed just in meeting all those people who were part of my day 2 day life ,a long time back . I have been living away from home since 11th . So ,that makes more than 7 years away from home ... gosh!!! But still the same warmth and love can be felt when you are there. Home is home , nothing like it . I belong to a small place called MHOW ( Military Head Quarters of War ), established during British rule ,currently governed by Army ,is a cool place to live . Its a mix of two very different kind of populations . Everybody is proud of his native place , so am I . The majority , localites ( civilians ) are mostly business people , found of eating and partying all-day ( I am avery good example of that ;) ). I love such life . Whereas, army people sticking to their disciplined life . Civilians , conservative and are mostly marwadi's , whereas, army people are mod , rather as mod as any bangalorite. When the young people of both type of inhabitants meetyou can understand how messy it will become . I have been in that messy situation this time ;)) I Would definitely love to get back to such a place and relax atleast twice a year :((


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