Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Student's Day Out

In our school days ,we used to get various reasons to curse teachers and the principal. My class used to be of studious nature . All the students putting their maximum energy into studies . Most of our grumblings for the teachers used to be for marks and if some energy was left to grumble then it used to go against the strict discipline in the school.
Teachers who were boring deserved chalk rains on their head, specially
Ms. Jhandiyal. One character whose every turn towards the black board used to get her atleast 4 to 5 chalks on her head . Since her last name was Jhandiyal," Jhandu Balm " was the best nickname we could accord for. This made her entrance even more interesting . Instead of yelling "Good morning ma'am",as we used to for every other teacher, singing a special song for her, gave us immense pleasure and respect to her ;) The song was

♫ ♪ jhandu balm jhandu balm
peeda hari balm
sardi sardar peeda ko pal mein dur kare
jhandu balm ... jhandu balm .. ♪ ♫

If I remember it correctly, in the mid of sixth standard a new math Teacher came as a replacement for our favourite teacher . Obviously , how could we tolerate him ?Replacing our dearest of all teachers was as if committing the most sinful crime on this earth. It was impossible for us to leave him like that and it was also impossible for him to rescue himself from our pranks. Renaming the teachers was a religious and unavoidable ritual for us , so the great fellow got his new name as " Chuha " and for some of my friends who didn't liked the name thinking it to be lesser appealing cliche' named him " chuchundar".Still things were going fine until the half yearly results were out . And that was the day when chuchundar's most horryfying dreams came true . All of us got very bad marks . Our eyes were burning in anger . Only the water of revenge could extinguishit. And, there we were with a chewing gum ( Pink coloured Frutella !!!) ,as our weapon . Sticking the most enjoyable time pass of that times was the best option we had . Fearing nothing ,we just went ahead with it . Adding to his pains , we continously poured ink from our pens on that little chewing gum , so that it can very well take our message written with that ink to him "You chunchundar, get off from our class". All of us were punished for two days ..
I am really sorry to Mr. Chandru and all the teachers who became victims of our pranks.


Blogger Rakesh said...

he he... " chuchundar" ..
kafi dino ke bad theth hindi shabda suna hai .. achcha laga ..

3:28 AM  
Blogger pradeep said...

gr8 memories. btw, what was your nick name in school?

10:32 AM  
Blogger Adi said...

@ rakesh : ab bhai humare saath
rahoge to desi sabd hi sunoge .. theth wale ekdum..

@Bole : My nick names in IIIT were
more interesting and bad too .. then my school ones .. school ones .. were more complementing :))

4:03 AM  
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