Monday, April 24, 2006

Air Deccan Experience

This was the first time; I got to travel by Air Deccan. Earlier, I booked the tickets once, but as the flight got delayed by three hours, I was unable to travel by it.
It was all not that bad, as much as I was thinking about it. Looking at the crowd entering or rushing inside the craft, it was very much evident that this airline has changed the mentality of common man and has given them the chance to fly. Before this I had only traveled with Jet and IA. The scene used to be pretty decent and well ordered while boarding the craft of Jet or IA, but it was entirely different with Deccan. As, the seats were not pre allocated and it was on the first come first bases for occupying the seats. Every body was rushing into the plane with all sorts of Dhaka – Mukki. I remember the days of my childhood spent in MHOW, where the theaters didn’t have the seat numbers and it was first-come-first-bases for capturing the seat. Actually, one person used to go along with 3-4 bags in his hand and place it on the seats to capture it. Similar, scene got created in the plane and every one was running to get the best seat for him or her. The most interesting part of the whole travel was a beautiful model. Most of the youngsters wanted to sit beside her and it created a big mess. As soon as the light was in the sky, we happily opened our Tiffin boxes and had food like good boys. ;) Over all a wonderful or laughter full experience .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

raheja- but i will say not to travel with air deccan, u may get a flight cancellation sms at night for the next day early morning flight :-).

1:36 AM  
Blogger paresh said...

it was very much evident that this airline has changed the mentality of common man

The mentality is same (as you have explained later in your post), it is the ooportunity of flying which is new.

This fact about booking seats seems unbelievable in case of an airplane. However it is to be expected i guess

1:47 AM  
Blogger Sreejith said...

Was planning to fly air deccan but now i'll find out if i'll have to fight for the window seat :)

7:55 AM  
Blogger rajAT said...

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4:50 AM  
Blogger rajAT said...

arrey plane hai ki train ...
btw check out my spicy spice jet exp here ..


4:51 AM  
Blogger Poojitha said...

hey i m doing study on airlines for my internship.. if u interested maybe you could help in my survey.. let me know

10:51 PM  
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