Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I can lucidly remember the sports camp in my school during summer holidays of 6th standard. Ahhm.. Ahhm.. for those who know me , Yaa, I really joined a sports camp and for those who have never met me , I am really bad at sports. We had to choose two sports and I chose swimming and skating. Thanks, to this summer camp that I learn at least one sport, swimming. This summer was different as I used to spend my entire day in the school .My diet started soaring and my workouts too. The final day came and the summer camp got over. My diet remained more or less the same but the work outs straight away decreased to null. And, you know the results.
Still, I wasn’t all that fat till I joined the corporate world. In Bangalore, Piyush and I used to get up early morning and go for gym; solid 1.5 hrs of workout. But my coming to Hyderabad brought the workouts to an end. And, you are very much aware of the ramifications J
I have been away from home for past 7 years. Every visit to home used to bring lot of pamper to me and a lot of good food, along with some comments, like “bahut dubla ho gaya hai .. khale khale .. Hostel ka khana to kharab hi hota hai “.Not just my family members but also my neighbors, family friends and relatives used to find a change in me. Immaterial, of my increase or decrease in weight, they always used to find me slimmer then what I was at the time of last home visit. But, surprisingly this visit brought me lot of sarcastic and euphemistically told comments. I can not even rule out a single fellow, whom I met, and he or she has not commented on my health.
I had no other option but to smile at their unwanted comments and had to put up a face with “Yaa, I know that I have put on some weight “attitude.
Never mind, I have again started gymming but am not doing any weight lifting. I promise to reduce my weight by february and come in some good shape till Nitin Bhayya’s marriage. I know that after reading this Kunal is going to ask a treat from me as I have lost a bet to him of loosing 5 kg till Diwali. Instead, I have put on 5 kgs.


Anonymous kunal said...

so.... when "IS" the treat?

and yeah "I am really bad at sports" is an understatement ... :P

2:37 AM  
Blogger Adi said...

@Kunal: treat .. sure u will soon get it .. and I know that i am really bad at it ..

3:28 AM  
Anonymous utkarsh said...

"I chose swimming and skating"
In my mind that sounds like figure skating with you wearing skimpy clothes and well .. swimming . i hardly see the point of wearing clothes at all .. funny thoughts :P

11:15 PM  
Blogger Adi said...

@Utkarsh : saale .. kamine ..

2:12 AM  
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