Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sapnon ki Nagri

July 17th ,2005 was the day when I stepped my foot on this land of opportunities.People call it Bangalore and are soon going to call it 'Bangalooru' . Isn't that funny ?But its OK !!!
Bangaloreans , people accustomed to work or pretending to work for the first five days of the week and spending the 2 days of the weekend lavishly forms the group of most urbane' crowd I have ever come across in this nation . True, once you start living with them ,you will definitely feel how different they are from the general public of India .. but after some time when Bangaloreans and Bangalore starts fascinating you . Everything else will start looking indigent infront of them . And you even tend to change , staying with them ;)) People who used to take raam naam at the mear exposure of their eyes to a bottle of Smirnoffor Teacher's before coming to Bangalore would not have been able to resist themselves from going to a pub , if not for drinking then atleast for watching how people of this city spend their weekends. Who will not be allured by such a pleasing weather ? The temperature almost seems to be constant and perfect . I don't feel any difference when I step out of my office as the weather is as pleasing as of an air conditioned room . It was rightly said , that Bangalore is an 'Air Conditioned city' . Getting used to such a good enviorment i am getting spoiled. In the two trips which I have made in the last 2 months it was difficult to bear sunny weather.
But whatever you say , bangalore has its own +ve points .You can crib on its traffic , pollution , cost of living but there is no other place atleast in India , rather currently for the world too , which can be called as " sapnon ki nagri " for I.T.Initially even I used to grumble a lot on every silly issue related to this city and its people but something changed my thinking ... About a month back , when I thought of changing my company within 15 days I had an offer of a very good company . In the process of changing the company I applied to all the possible companies which appeared to be better than IBM. Though I am happy with my current company but still I get the mails regularly stating about the job - offers . I can eqaute this city to Bombay of early 80's and early 90's .People from round the country used to run to Mumbai , to make their future and a similar thing is happening for Bangalore now ...
Life is fast here , as I told you with my previous example .and you get to learn a lot from this place . If you are able to sustain yourself over here and know how to get your things done .. that's it you will be able to sustain at any place you go . Life is a fight initially but definitly it turns to a bliss later . Google Corporation, owner of one of the most popular serach engine , wanted to know ,people from which part of the world uses their Search Engine maximum .So , they made a globe like thing in which light used to come out from a point if Google is getting used from there .And the intensity of the light coming out from that point was directly proportional to the number of google users . This test was done in the day time of US and hence it was night in India . Wonder !!! In the night time also bangalore was the brightest point on the GLOBE :)) I am proud to be associated to a city, which made India shine .


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