Tuesday, December 19, 2006


BJN Group is a group of restaurants and pubs, holding around 8 to 10 places in Bangalore and 4-5 each in Hyderabad , Pune and Mumbai. Being a person who enjoys eating out a lot and having stayed in Bangalore for about 10 months gave me the opportunity to visit all the restaurants of this group. I loved eating out in all the restaurants of BJN. Sahib Sindh Sultan and Bombay Post were my most favored places amongst all.
All there restaurants are on different theme and the effort they put in in making those themes visible right from waiting for catching your table in the restaurant to paying the bill. The interiors, ambience, dress of waiters, the names of the dishes in the menu card and the music played, all fall in sync with the theme.
Two days back I got the chance to Sahib Sindh Sultan (SSS) in Hyderabad. Now, along with Angeethi and SSS, they have firangi pani (a pub), Indijoe. SSS, firangi pani and Indijoe have recently opened in City Center mall in Banjara Hills.
I had guests last weekend and I took them to SSS. They were all flattered by the ambience . Sahib Sindh Sultan was the name of the first train started by Britishers in India. No doubt, BJN has tried their best giving out all the luxuries possible and have made the ambience perfectly according to the theme. After waiting outside for about 10 minutes we got a table in beautifully made Train inside the restaurant. Train is standing on clearly visible wheels and tracks with pebbles lying between the parallel sides of the track .Train’s interior gives a very rich look of the train and reminds you of the royal-British. (No doubt, that royalness came from money of Indians). It has got small and round fans how we have it in Indian trains and the waiters and attendants are dressed up in Ticket Checkers attire. Service was superb and you don’t have to ask how the food was. It has to be fabulous, it’s BJN you know.
Bombay Post, Bangalore, has been made on Bollywood theme. Angeethi , in Hyderabad , Bangalore and Mumbai is based on Punjabi Dhaba theme .


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Blogger Preitier said...

Speaking of SSS(Sahib Sindh Sultan), after all the hype that was created by people about the restaurant that was making waves, I have something to share that might not make so much sense to you personally, if you haven't experienced it first hand. It is plain discrimination against a certain section of individuals, Jains! My personal experience is as stated below:
I called SSS to make a reservation for my birthday which they gladly accepted. After enquiring if they can make food without Onion, Garlic and Potatoes, they simply denied it. After a detailed talk with the chef and two other ladies who answered the phone, I talked to a very rude and incompetent manager who refused to make any Jain food at the restaurant simply because the concept was new to them. I told them that we're well travelled across the world and trust me when I say this that even people in a place like Bangkok where they eat a half a dozen more animals than we do, understand what Jain food means. So anyway, to make the long story short, I would like BJN, the jerk who calls himself the manager at SSS and all the people who are reading this to know that, we talk about being a developing country and a diverse state and a happening city has SSS forgotten than more than one type of culture exists in this city???

7:36 AM  
Blogger workhard said...

Hey..thats a real nice review.. i enjoyed my one visit to SSS.. a little heavy on the pocket..nontheless...the exprence and food was good...

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