Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blue V/S RED

I got my first job in IBM and worked there for about 5 months . I couldn't stay further and had to leave it for a better option Lucent Technology. When I compare both the organizations I find a vast difference in their style of working and the prevailing enviorenment.Definitely being a technical person I would always prefer to be in Lucent . But still I wouldn't like to ignore the positive points of IBM .

IBM ,huge and, one of the most stable organizations of the world is amongst the dream companies in the western world . But the way they are expanding in India definitely make them less appealing . Attrition rate , specially in the division where I was working was so high that in the strength of 300 people everyday a person was putting up the paper . I feel the sole reason was pay package . IBM is definitely not a pay master ,atleast in India . But , I wanted to move out of the organization because of the work . Outsourcing has definitely become 'THE BUZZ' word of today's Indian economy but when it comes to the quality of work which it provides to India ,is really really poor . Specially the companies like IBM , Microsoft ,CSC and all the other good performing IT industries are concerned , they are outsourcing maximum of the low graded work to India . Definitely a person from good technical background and belonging to one of the prestigious colleges of India would not prefer to join it . But, apart from this there are many positive points which IBM offers and I feel that there are very less number ofcompanies which can offer a similar kind of enviorenment . It makes a person tough and teaches him how the real world works . If a person keeps his eyes and ears open just for 2 months he will atleast learn how the IT business moves globaly . Though , he might not be able to catch upon many of thenew technologies coming into the market but defintely he will be fit for an MBA after a year's stay in IBM . This juggernaut also makes a person fit into itself and learn how to cordinate with the numerous people around him.

Lucent technology , a Bell labs Innovation is a good telecom company .If we count on technical work , its far better than the blue chip . As Lucent has not scored big profit figures in the last few years . It has outsourced maximum of its good work to India . So , a technical person will defintely be happy to work in such an enviorenment .An employee staying in this organization will gets hand on experiences with the latest technologies coming in the telecom field but will learn lesser abt the business.


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