Thursday, June 08, 2006

Change – Part 2

As usual and as expected out of my life, every second brings a new change but this time its really big. I am not just changing the company, which I am used to by now, but also the city. Moving to Microsoft, Hyderabad. The decision was much easier to make then moving from IBM to Lucent. But, I am very sure of one fact that I am going to miss Lucent and its people (specially my close friends) at least for initial time in M$. I had fun over here and enjoyed every bit of my time spent in office. Out of 8 hrs spent in office per day at least 3 hours were funtime. These 3 hrs could be easily divided into anytime coffee breaks (which were not usually breaks from work ;) ) , after lunch softy time in forum, gol-gappe and churmuri time before calling the end of the day and yes the unforgettable, innumerable and pocket-emptying visits to Forum. And yaa , if I am unable to make to Forum for a day then will spend sometime in cafeteria for eating sandwiches. Crossing my fingers for MS. As such people say the environment is good but let’s see how well does it turn out for me. Coming to Hyderabad on 24th June.