Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life of a Bean

Hi , my name is Mr. Bean . People also call me "fali" with love . My birth took place about a week before in a place called faliabad near dilli .From , then I have been enjoying my life under wide open blue sky. With the wind continously blowing , I always wish to fly with it . But , I can't move as my legs are stuck with my father . His name is Mr. Ped . He only takes care of me ,by providing food , water ,etc . But I have my own ambitions in life . I want to become a famous bean in our world . One who is the greenest , biggest and most nutritious . There is one competition called Mr. Bean Universe ... i always wanted to win that competition . But, what can I do these cruel human's do not allow us to live . Yesterday evening, a beautiful girl came near me and started looking at me . I couldn't stop blushing .One second she used to look at me .. the next second I used to see her .. and this continued for about 5 minutes .I thought my first love story in life has begun . My heart had never beaten so fast before,my face was never so full of excitements before , my eyes couldn't stop staring her . I just wanted to touch her once .But the only problem was that what people will say ?A bean in love with a girl , can't be the idea which that can ever digest .Weather became pleasant and wind started blowing and suddenlya song started " Pyaar , kiya to darna kya ".And I also thought .. jab miya biwi raazi to kya karega kaji . She came closer and cloaser and my heart started beating faster and faster . She touched me and plucked me and took me to her home ..I was ready to become a ghar jawaifor her . Just imagining her after marriage ... she will be called as "Mrs. Bean".But who knew that girl will betray me like this . Now , I am also kept along with otherbeans to get cut and fried in a pan along with some papi masala's which will definitelykill me . This brutal girl has played with me . Please come and save me ...

How to eat chana chor garam?

IT professional's dont carry hard cash with them .They always have their pocket full of credit cards , sodexho's and ticket restaurant coupons. . " We no more carry cash with us " , thats the attitude . You can buy all the branded clothes , watch a movie , eat in a restaurant , get the petrol filled , get your cell recharged with credit cards . But what will u do when u want to eat chana chor garam ... want to drink tea ... want to have boiled corn ... want to have a paanAlas , credit cards cant hep u . A similar thing happen a month back with us I went for diwali shopping with kaka ( ankit ) and we both had 4 credit cards , more than 1000rs. worth sodexhos but 1 re. chillar and no notes.We wanted to have chana chor garam badly .. but we couldn't have it :((The only thing which came out of our mouths , while speaking to the thele wala was" Bhayaa, credit card chalega ... "

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blue V/S RED

I got my first job in IBM and worked there for about 5 months . I couldn't stay further and had to leave it for a better option Lucent Technology. When I compare both the organizations I find a vast difference in their style of working and the prevailing enviorenment.Definitely being a technical person I would always prefer to be in Lucent . But still I wouldn't like to ignore the positive points of IBM .

IBM ,huge and, one of the most stable organizations of the world is amongst the dream companies in the western world . But the way they are expanding in India definitely make them less appealing . Attrition rate , specially in the division where I was working was so high that in the strength of 300 people everyday a person was putting up the paper . I feel the sole reason was pay package . IBM is definitely not a pay master ,atleast in India . But , I wanted to move out of the organization because of the work . Outsourcing has definitely become 'THE BUZZ' word of today's Indian economy but when it comes to the quality of work which it provides to India ,is really really poor . Specially the companies like IBM , Microsoft ,CSC and all the other good performing IT industries are concerned , they are outsourcing maximum of the low graded work to India . Definitely a person from good technical background and belonging to one of the prestigious colleges of India would not prefer to join it . But, apart from this there are many positive points which IBM offers and I feel that there are very less number ofcompanies which can offer a similar kind of enviorenment . It makes a person tough and teaches him how the real world works . If a person keeps his eyes and ears open just for 2 months he will atleast learn how the IT business moves globaly . Though , he might not be able to catch upon many of thenew technologies coming into the market but defintely he will be fit for an MBA after a year's stay in IBM . This juggernaut also makes a person fit into itself and learn how to cordinate with the numerous people around him.

Lucent technology , a Bell labs Innovation is a good telecom company .If we count on technical work , its far better than the blue chip . As Lucent has not scored big profit figures in the last few years . It has outsourced maximum of its good work to India . So , a technical person will defintely be happy to work in such an enviorenment .An employee staying in this organization will gets hand on experiences with the latest technologies coming in the telecom field but will learn lesser abt the business.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sapnon ki Nagri

July 17th ,2005 was the day when I stepped my foot on this land of opportunities.People call it Bangalore and are soon going to call it 'Bangalooru' . Isn't that funny ?But its OK !!!
Bangaloreans , people accustomed to work or pretending to work for the first five days of the week and spending the 2 days of the weekend lavishly forms the group of most urbane' crowd I have ever come across in this nation . True, once you start living with them ,you will definitely feel how different they are from the general public of India .. but after some time when Bangaloreans and Bangalore starts fascinating you . Everything else will start looking indigent infront of them . And you even tend to change , staying with them ;)) People who used to take raam naam at the mear exposure of their eyes to a bottle of Smirnoffor Teacher's before coming to Bangalore would not have been able to resist themselves from going to a pub , if not for drinking then atleast for watching how people of this city spend their weekends. Who will not be allured by such a pleasing weather ? The temperature almost seems to be constant and perfect . I don't feel any difference when I step out of my office as the weather is as pleasing as of an air conditioned room . It was rightly said , that Bangalore is an 'Air Conditioned city' . Getting used to such a good enviorment i am getting spoiled. In the two trips which I have made in the last 2 months it was difficult to bear sunny weather.
But whatever you say , bangalore has its own +ve points .You can crib on its traffic , pollution , cost of living but there is no other place atleast in India , rather currently for the world too , which can be called as " sapnon ki nagri " for I.T.Initially even I used to grumble a lot on every silly issue related to this city and its people but something changed my thinking ... About a month back , when I thought of changing my company within 15 days I had an offer of a very good company . In the process of changing the company I applied to all the possible companies which appeared to be better than IBM. Though I am happy with my current company but still I get the mails regularly stating about the job - offers . I can eqaute this city to Bombay of early 80's and early 90's .People from round the country used to run to Mumbai , to make their future and a similar thing is happening for Bangalore now ...
Life is fast here , as I told you with my previous example .and you get to learn a lot from this place . If you are able to sustain yourself over here and know how to get your things done .. that's it you will be able to sustain at any place you go . Life is a fight initially but definitly it turns to a bliss later . Google Corporation, owner of one of the most popular serach engine , wanted to know ,people from which part of the world uses their Search Engine maximum .So , they made a globe like thing in which light used to come out from a point if Google is getting used from there .And the intensity of the light coming out from that point was directly proportional to the number of google users . This test was done in the day time of US and hence it was night in India . Wonder !!! In the night time also bangalore was the brightest point on the GLOBE :)) I am proud to be associated to a city, which made India shine .

Monday, December 26, 2005


After a long time , I went home . It was worth an experience this time .. travelling 1000 kms one way . Every home trip is special but this was even more distinct as I travelled by all the 3 means of transportaion : Plane , Volvo( bus) and train .
When you are the guest of utmost importance .You start feeling the pleasure of heaven .Everybody around you just take your name for the whole day .. suddenly you start feeling that you are one of the most important people on this land . Your breakfast , lunch ,dinner and all the between day munch time goodies are the ones that you have been fancying to eat from past 6 months :)) . Though , you have put on since the time you visited ur home last time . Still , people are concerned about your health and just uttering the same sentence for the wholeday " Adit, you have really slimmed down .. why don't you eat ??" and the next second you will hearanother voice shouting "Don't worry I will bring halwa for adit". I want to ask you one question, " is there any thing else which HEAVEN offers ?" I don't think !!!

Two days passed just in meeting all those people who were part of my day 2 day life ,a long time back . I have been living away from home since 11th . So ,that makes more than 7 years away from home ... gosh!!! But still the same warmth and love can be felt when you are there. Home is home , nothing like it . I belong to a small place called MHOW ( Military Head Quarters of War ), established during British rule ,currently governed by Army ,is a cool place to live . Its a mix of two very different kind of populations . Everybody is proud of his native place , so am I . The majority , localites ( civilians ) are mostly business people , found of eating and partying all-day ( I am avery good example of that ;) ). I love such life . Whereas, army people sticking to their disciplined life . Civilians , conservative and are mostly marwadi's , whereas, army people are mod , rather as mod as any bangalorite. When the young people of both type of inhabitants meetyou can understand how messy it will become . I have been in that messy situation this time ;)) I Would definitely love to get back to such a place and relax atleast twice a year :((

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The SEVEN Things

Inspired by Rocky's blog .. I am also doing this exercise . Its useful .. I feel by doing this , you atleast get clear about your short term and long term goals .

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die…

1. Do something so that atleast few thousand people remember me in a good way.
2. Own a business , may be big or of medium scale .. but my own , which has capacity of redifining the indutry ... not just any other business .
2. Own a Porsche .. no mercedez please .. in Bangalore half of the rahees own it .. so no more a big deal .
3. Want to Race in F1 , might not win .. but still want to do .Want to feel like how Shumacher feels ;))
4. Go for a Pram night ;))
5. Want to be a very good orator , writer and reader.
6. Kick the a** of all those people who have acted smart with me in any moment of my life ...
7. Can spend max time with my mom :)

7 This I Can Do…

1. Chat a lot .. and that too nowdays I am uncontrollable.
2. Can give lot of affection and love .
3. Freak out a lot .. You can see my name BangaloreFreak :))
4. Manage some of things well . if not every thing .
5. I can work hard in the moments .
6. Dream like sheikh chilli .. .. Abhinav , I am also there with you ;))
7. Say anything without hesitation . You can call me a blunt at times .

7 Things That attract Me To The Opposite Sex…

1. Simplicity . Hanky panky girls are only good to see .
2. smart ,quick and witty .
3. dimples .. [ like preety zinta's]
4. Straight , long and simple hairs .
5. Childish .. those who can be loved and can be taken care off.
6. Ever smiling face :)
7. Those who can speak a lot and laugh a lot .

4 Things I Say Most…

1. Oye,
2. Its OK!!!
3. Abey ,
4. f**k off

7 Celebrity Crushes…

1. Sonali Bendre [ for the longest time ]
2. Catherine Zetajones
3. Sri Devi [ My 1st crush ]
4. Gracy Singh
5. Anupama .. [ hmmm .. Some people look like her ;))]
6. Madhuri .. only for few days
7. Naina lal Kidwai .. [ As a business lady ]

7*2 People I Want To Take This Quiz

1. Vidit bansal .. just wondering what will he write in crush list
2. PJ .. must
3. Abhinav ... shayad woh aur badi udan bharega ;))
4. AC .. humare aur aapki choice to yun bhi kaafi milti julti hai ;))
5. kunal .. he will have only one ambition ... I know that :))
6. Parry ... he will get one more topic to blog
7. Dixit ... Thoda kam sochega iske baad
8. Kunal jain ... bas inki wish list mein bhi ek he cheez hogi LB ( lehman Brothers )
9. Paridhi M ... iski wish list mein Pilot ban na zarur hoga ;))
10. PC .. please not any more crushes
11. Vipul ... Aditya gets mature . a wish ..
12. Maddy ... iski wish list mein yehi hoga .. dusron ke bhed kaise kholun .. saale ..
13. Poppy .. wish list contains only one thing .. the D thing
14. khare .. meri jal gayi ;))

many more people .. will extend the list soon

Monday, December 19, 2005

Fav Quote

Swamy recently mailed me related to his resume' . In the end of that mail , i saw his signature ..
and suddenly my mind was saying .. nothing better than this ...

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

- J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

One Quote that can very much say what I say for Life .
Thanks Swamy ...

King Kong - A Love story ;))

Some time back , I saw a movie hmmm .. if I remember correctly, it was called "Dragon Heart" . I remember , we jested about it for over a week about how ridiculous the plot was: a dragon giving away half of his heart to some one else! But the story of King Kong is not something to be mocked at; Indeed, such an awesome picturization and plot full of breathtaking stunts and graphics can commonly be seen in hollywood movies, but making an immortal love story is an entirely different art altogether. The mighty King Kong ,the hero of our movie acted in many ways like our typical bollywood heroes and still the story appealed to me - a miracle indeed.

The movie, to say the least, was very vivid, not just in its portrayal of gigantic beasts such as the dinosaurs, but also of poisonous slimy insects whose mere sight would make you nauseatic - leave alone their size. Even the cockroach needs a bullet to be shot down !!! The plot unfolds with a passionately crazy movie maker(Jack Black) wanting to make a one of a kind movie. He stumbles upon a map of an uncharted island and instinctively decides to shoot his movie on its mysterious shores. With a half written script and police behind his back, he starts sailing immediately to the "Skull" island with his film crew, who are under the impression that their voyage is to Singapore. Ann ( Naomi Watts ) is an underpaid blonde actress who is chosen as the heroine. As destiny would have it, she is the only girl in the vessel. After a series of foreboding events,circumstances force them to land on skull island against the wishes of the ship's crew. They are taken aback when they find the island inhabited by negroid natives who have been untouched by civilization for several millenia. The natives attack the crew and capture Ann. Ann is offerred as sacrifise to appease a 25 foot tall giant gorilla called Kong. Kong, who feeds on the flesh of local tribal women, finds the blonde and fair-skinned Ann amusing and the story takes an unexpected turn.
Now ,starts the gymnastics . The size of Ann is atleast 100 times smaller than that of King and when this huge ape starts swinging his hands with Ann in his palm , it appeared as if some body is working out in the gym with dumbles :)))
The Kong was jumping around in the island - jungle through out the movie , crossing all the sky touching mountains in two or three leaps . The girl was smart , tried running away from a beast but unfortuantely to more dengerous beasts .In the quest of finding the lost Ann and the ape , the rest of the people enterd an abyssmal zone of danger . Hence, opens up the pandora's box .. every second a new creature was appearing with varied shapes and sizes . I would say dinasours were the best looking creatures rest were apt enough to wake u up for the rest of the night , once they come in your dreams ...
survival of fittest was an attitude of such mammoths , how can a man stay alive in such an enviorenment . Ann , runs away from the King and has to face tougher animals , who were desperate for her life . To her surprise , KK comes and saves her from everybody . This witty girl managed to impress KK with her acts and the ape was in love .

The way the movie is directed was awesome .. Those who like surprises in life ; this island would be a best choice for them for honeymoon . Hope they will be able to sleep for atleast one night together . rest will definitely be with some crazy looking animals, until u r alive . Director , Peter Jackson , has done everything in astonishing , amazing and marvellous manner . The role of the crazy movie maker is awesome . He is portrayed as a self -cenetered person . Still , shooting for the movies when ten's of man-eating mammals standing infront of him .. Daring !!Rather , i would call this as passion . A passion for doing something in life . Similar passion I saw in Kong for saving Ann every moment when he was with her . Finally , this ape was brought to the city of New York . Even in his last times when he is imbrued with the continuous firing , not caring about any thing , is still concern about safety of Ann .