Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shiva, Krishna, Jesus all did it.. So, what’s wrong when we do it??

People recite Bhagwad Geeta for continuously 7 days, thinking it’s going to be most auspicious thing to do it on this geo. Yes, even I agree to that, but also keeping in my mind that Geeta contains all the so-called leelas played by Lord Krishna. And also contains the fact that he had 16,800 marriages, rather more than that. Then what’s wrong when a normal man like us goes for the second marriage? Suppose, if I go for even a single leela amongst the several ones He has played , I am sure to enjoy a “Hang till death “ sentence by sweet people whose families are worshipping Krishna from, I don’t know how many generations.

Kunti, mother of all Pandava’s, gave a birth to Karn , who was born from Sun . And we happily say that Kunti had gandharva vivah with Surya but are not ready to accept any of the pre-martial thingi’s in todays world. I remember a debate in my college where one of the professors gave the example of Ram, Sita and Lakshman, saying, “We do have a tradition, which follows the ideologies of such great people”. I just want to ask one question, when we can adulate Ram, why can’t we do it to Krishna ;) Don’t misunderstand me as an atheist. I very much believe in God and you can actually confirm this from the people staying around me.. But along with following other preachings from Him, I would love to follow other obscure ones too ;)
The Da Vinci Code clearly says what’s the Holy Grail is about. I don’t need to say anything. I am not saying they were wrong. I just say that “ then why is it wrong for us?? " ;)

New Hyderabad

Last weekend, Piyush and I went to Hyderabad. As soon as we got down from the Volvo in Mehdipatnam, my eyes was unable to believe what it was seeing. The crowded roads have transformed into classy-looking roads, decorated by the beautiful flowers and lush green grass spreading kilometers on its dividers. Specially, when you are habitual of traveling on 24 hours jammed roads. This looks heaven!!! In the evening when I was driving a bike on those roads it was like dream come true for me.
The investments are bulging in Hyderabad. The newly won FAB City project and coming up of International Airport are good enough to assure the denizens that they are soon going to be residents of one of the most famous place on the globe. In few of the areas, the property rates has aggrandized at an enormous rate. In past one year, the areas, especially the ones in and around Shamshabad, have scene their value increasing by 3 to 4 folds.
Definitely, why won’t an MNC prefer a place like Hyderabad, where there is ample infrastructure to exploit on, than the places, who don’t even have enough infrastructure to make their people and the investors satisfied.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Anecdote 1

Bengal has always been known for its art and literature. Long time back, when India was under British Raj, painting of a very famous painter, Bose was selected for the display in one of the International art exhibition in Munich, Germany and it got selected for the 1st prize also. Mr. Bose received the reward through mail after few days, as the things were definitely not that electronic and fast in those times. Photograph of the award winning painting was also supplemented with the certificate. After looking at the photo of the painting, Mr. Bose replied back to the Art exhibitor official. The content of the mail was:

“ I am very glad and thankful to receive the 1st prize in the exhibition held at your place. But I just wanted to inform you that you judged the painting upside down”