Sunday, February 26, 2006

I am fed up

People come to Bangalore and the first thing in their “to-visit” or
“Bangalore-darshan” list is The Great Forum Mall. I don’t know what people want to see in that crowded place especially on the weekends when it becomes another sabji-market.

Somebody please and please ask me, how sickening and boring it can be to visit Forum. Every day two times on all 7 days + watched 3 movies last week. All of them were in PVR, which is also in Forum. The problem is that my office is very close to Forum .So, it’s my duty to visit it at least twice a day on all weekdays. And when I do not intend to see it even from outside on weekends. My dear friends, as they are deprived of this bull –shit privilege, wants to visit this fish market. So , please please .. if u are here in bangalore then pardon me if I don't take u to this wonderful MALL

Friday, February 24, 2006

Second encounter with Plays

My office being stationed very near to Forum, it’s tough or rather impossible to resist myself from freaking out over there at least twice a day. One visit is fixed after lunch and the second one depends on the workload. Being an ex-IBM-er , it doesn’t look nice on my new company’s part to allocate hell lot of work to me . At least, every company owes this much to IBM ;)
Yesterday, in my second visit to Forum we had gol-gappes. Awesome!
Had it after a long time. Such good gol-gappes are definitely rear to get in Bangalore. Followed that by chocolate mousse in fabMall. One of my friends from IBM called me when I was having this videshi stuff after the theth deshi one. Yup, a call for a Play (Hamlet). Plays have always been a rare thing for me to access; so, there was not much for me to think about it except saying a yes. Hurriedly, I left the mall and followed my senior to reach the “Rangashankara”. A place specially made for showing the plays.
The play started with lights, mouths and mobiles off. Every body sitting in the hall were full of expectations and the faces were centered at just and just one place on the stage, where the only spot light was pointing to.And then entered the artisists.
Overall the play was good if not excellent. The script was of off course by “The Shakespeare” and some Hindi dialogues, translated by Harivanshrai Bacchhan.
But there were few things, which I would like to appreciate about the play. The director tried to give one of the most famous English play a touch of Hindi or rather Indian culture. There were a set of people (few) including the person, who played the role of Hamlet, were speaking in Hindi and the rest in English. The blend of the two languages was so perfect that even if a person is comfortable with only one language, will be able to get the whole play without any hassles. When everything including music is going on live and people behaving more natural, how can it be compared to some time old recorded movie with every artificial stunts possible and every second changing makeup? But play director was not happy enough with this. Just like the other directors of our Indian Cinema and Plays specially that of Bollywood, he also went a step further Indianizing the Angrezi things and spoiled the show. He introduced some of the Karnataka folk dancers in it.I don’t know what was the need of them in an English play, which has already been Indianized enough?? Good, that the play was taking place at a decent enough place, else we would have carried some of the rotten eggs and tomatoes with us and thrown at those fancy dress competitors. Being an immitator of Bollywood people, how can he forget to add some sensual, alluring and appealing stuff in the play? After all that is all, which is going to give popularity to his shows ;) There were some of the scenes, not really obscene (though, we wanted one to be there) but sexy enough. And it will be undermining to say that the people didn’t start imagining further then what was displayed, specially when the actions were live ;)
Looking forward to see some other better and sensible plays, which are more to my life than ‘Taxi no 9211’ and ‘Fight Club’.

Monday, February 20, 2006

word cloud

Mine too ...
word cloud from SnapShirts

Friday, February 17, 2006

awesome video

While surfing Sam's blog .. I saw a link
and search for WATCH and wait and see the video .. cool

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Help Help !!!

If you had been blogging since morning in the office and in the post lunch time your manager comes and asks you “Hey what have you been doing since morning , job less ?? Huhh “ .
What will be your reply ?
comment fast guys ...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sastiest Sale

Being a part of cosmopolitans like Hyderabad and Bangalore for about 4 to 5 years I am very much used to the advertisements like

UPTO 50% OFF *

hanging around the city. The importance of such advertisements is not in the numbers "5","0(zero)" written boldly along with accentuating "O" followed by two "F"s. But it’s more important to see the obscure letters, written before and after these mammoths; small “UPTO” and a beautiful “*” followed by another statement at the bottom most part of the advertisement, saving the life of the advertiser, “Conditions Applied”. About 15 days back I saw an advertisement, where the advertiser was very much aware of the awareness of customers for these important “upto” and “*”. So, he added one smiley with the last statement. And it appeared something like this:

" Conditions Applied "

As if the advertiser wants to say, “ Dear customer, I know that you are intelligent and aware of the facts hidden behind the sentence Condition Applied, but I can’t stop fooling you!!! “
The 26th January sale of Big Bazaar came with all sorts of crazy things
The sale says something like this:
1) Rs. 25 for 1 kg of raddi (old newspapers)
2) Rs. 200 for 1 kg of fate hue kapde (tiered clothes)
3) Rs. 75 for 1 kg of tute hue bartan (broken utensils)
4) Rs. 15 for 1 kg of utri putrid bottles (used and old bottles)
5) Rs. 100 for 1 kg of fate hue jute (old shoes)
6) Rs. 75 for 1 kg of tuta hua ghar ka furniture ( broken furniture)
7) Rs. 50 for 1 kg of fate hue gaadi ke tyre
8) Rs. 20 for 1 kg of baaki ghar ka ataala (rest of the waste)

And yes, I will not forget to put a “*” after all this. As expected there has to be
“ Conditions Applied” in the end.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Thousands of people are born every day . Many of them exists some of them lives. Life is a journey, which every one embarks on. In the mean time they make dependencies. They make functional dependencies, some of them are direct and others indirect. Imagine two balls held together by a thread. The balls can exist even if the thread connecting them snaps; but what if when the next ball holding the most dominant position for the other and it breaks? The life becomes meaningless and tough to be described or defined.When you have faced ups and downs of life together, bore the hardships together all through the life, how would the loss of such a person make you feel?
When the shoulder of the next person was the only support to your head in worst of the times. When you also did almost everything for that person .You won the world for her. You rejoiced at every smile of her .You fought, you cried, you shouted and you agonized for every pain of hers.It’s definitely tough to depart!!!
Man is so immature. Right from the starting he knows that he is going to depart but still he keeps on getting into the relationships and making his bonds stronger and deeper every day. The fear is not at all of dyeing but definitely of departing.