Thursday, January 04, 2007

Trip to Bhongir Fort

All in Picnic and biking mood, we 8 people set off for Bhongiri Fort. The date was 1st of January 2007, so all the more reasons to freak out .We were 7 people when we left Madhapur and were supposed to pick up one of our friends from Secundarabad. As the way to Bhongiri goes via Secunderabad , it was very much on the way for us . I drove one of my friend’s Pulsar, the new one. As the bike was new, I didn’t drive it at more than 60 kmph, a rare case for me when I am driving my own bike J . We took the Secundarabad - Tarnaka main road and reached Bhongiri via Uppal. The road was excellent so the drive was smooth and the traffic was also manageable for a carefree drive. After covering a stretch of about 80 kms from Madhapur we reached the 12th century made Fort. The fort is built on an isolated gigantic rock. The fort was earlier known as Bhuvanagiri. Climbing the rock was fun and not to be mentioned we stopped twice before reaching the pinnacle. A small and damaged fort had nothing much to show except the panaromic view of the neighboring places which it offered at 500 feet above the ground. Coming down was comparatively very easy and we had nice tea and pakodas while coming back to home. Over all the drive was fun. Hoping for a few more biking trips soon.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Now What??

Out of the 100 ways I thought for achieving success, one is surely closed for me.
The rest 99 are those for which I haven’t thought much, do not know which one to chose and which one to leave.