Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No track of time

I left Delhi on 21st night and flew to Seattle with a change of flight at Singapore and Los Angeles. Flight was on time. I won’t deny that I was anxious as this was the first time I was stepping out of my country. The security check happened much comfortably than I expected it to be. Reached Singapore around 4 am in the morning .It was about 5:30 am over there. The first impression I got of Singapore was fabulous. If I now compare its airport with the Los Angeles and Tokyo’s, I would still bet on Singapore’s. Airport was huge with wall to wall carpet everywhere. My eyes were feeling odd as they were not finding even a single piece of dirt. As I had only 2 hrs in my hand before boarding my continuing flight to Los Angeles, I didn’t go out of the airport and spent most of the time in the duty-free shops. I could find a lot of Indians both as the travelers and as the staff working at the airport.

Our craft landed in Tokyo for re-fuelling. Tokyo was a mini-replica of Singapore airport with the same carpets and interiors except that it lacked some life in it. Earlier, I was never able to distinguish between Japanese, Chinese and the rest of the chini-minis. But, here I could really notice the flaw-less skin of the Japanese girls and the glow on their jet white skin which really set them apart from the rest of the crowd. They looked like dolls to me. I drank green tea, as there was not much present for a vegetarian. Sorry Vidit, but it was a bad experience. It tasted like some jadi-buti :( . Food wise, I didn’t had problems anywhere. In the plane I asked for Indian Vegetarian and they gave me very much the Indian food.:)

I landed in Los Angeles and by having done with my security checks quickly; I rushed to the domestic airport as I had to catch another flight to Seattle. Los Angeles airport is huge but more of an Indian Airport with a little more strict rules and neat corridors. In the whole journey, I had no track of time. I spent my 30 hrs of travel chatting and gossiping with people around me and also watching some movies. I slept only for about 6 hrs in the entire journey.

It has been a week in Seattle and my most of the time has gone in driving. My car is Ford Taurus. It is not the best car over here, but I find it to be good as I have never driven such a big car. It wasn’t that easy to adjust to the well planned infrastructure and the systematic traffic ;). I see a lot of Indian crowd in office and otherwise, so I don’t feel much out of my own place. Will update you shortly about my visit to the cascade loop 